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Locksmith Services Singapore

Are you always worried about the safety of your home, office, car and safe?
We are too. We have always been, as a matter of fact.
We want you to feel secure at all times!

As a leading lock experts in the industry for 20 over years, A1 Singapore Locksmith has taken it upon ourselves to provide quality installations, repairs, upgrades and inspections of your security system.

Over the years, we have established an extensive customer service based on Industrial, Commercial and Residential markets.

Services We Provide:

Emergency Lockouts
Lock Opening, Changing and Installation
Safe Opening & Servicing
Car Lockout
Change of Lock Combination
Lock Repair & Servicing

Locksmith Services Singapore- Lock Opening, Installation, and Repair Services


Our locksmith services offer competitive pricing for everything from home and auto locks to opening your jewelry boxes, or old home safes.

We understand that your home is your personal sanctuary, and A1 Locksmith helps to provide unbeatable security. Moreover, we provide the Lock Installation Services, Lock Repair Services, and Lock Opening Services.

As honest and trustworthy professionals, we provide locksmith services such as home lockout/opening, rekey your existing locks, and lock installation, replacement, and repair. We never miss a lock that you seek to open anytime.
Our lock installation services will give the home security assessment and implementation, door jamb reinforcement, keys made for locks without a key, and keys made on site. Now, you do not have to worry about anyone picking up your locks with us.

Indeed, securing one’s home, office, and the estate is a concerning matter that people throughout the world takes seriously for their family and business. We have the all lock-out solutions, lock picking, safe lock out, and window locks repair/installation.

The lock opening services include doors, windows, padlocks, master locks, key combination issues, and lock picking, a process of unlocking with analyzing and manipulating the components of the lock with miniature tools.

A1’s lock repair services provide the gate locks repair, mailbox locks repair, and file cabinet lock repair, including specific places which an owner and a locksmith should only know.

We do repair the antique locks that need the delicate methods of opening and repairing rather than the destructive entry techniques.

You can choose from sorts of lock installation services that may operate by turning some removable key, keying, dialing or electromechanical means. There are face locks, manual locks, and deadbolt locks to unlock/lock any door or place you need one lock to stay.