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Safe Locksmith

At A1 Singapore Locksmith, we have a team of experienced and qualified technicians to handle all your home or office security emergencies including open a Safe Box.

Our Island wide Safe Locksmith Service include:

  • Safe Box Opening Service
  • Replacement of Safe key Lock
  • Replacement of Safe Combination Dial Lock

Professional &

Economical &

365 days,
24/7 Service

Safe Opening & Servicing

A1 Singapore Locksmith’s safe opening and servicing ensure your safe’s longevity and use continuity with proper channeling of its locks and mechanisms. We understand you may lose your keys and forgotten the key combination because in today’s world in stress and choices.

Our skilled, qualified, and expert lock technicians will help you to get your access back to your safe even if the lock is malfunctioning.

Call us at your home or office for any safe that is not working on your command. Then, we will take care of its malfunctioning or a broken key inside the lock.

The service of safe opening & servicing includes the safes such as Chubb, Lord, Fichet, Diplomat, Yale, NCR, and Kumihara safes. Indeed, when a safe gets locked, and keys are not working, then the work takes highly trained locksmiths to open it without damaging the goods and lock mechanisms.

Before you hire us for safe opening & servicing, consider these questions to meet your requirements:

• Have you forgotten your keypad combination?
• Have you lost the keys or broken one inside the safe?
• Is the electronic lock starts malfunctioning?
• Do you need a safe servicing service?

The idea of opening safes without a combination or keys is not old. For years, people are hiring and opening their antique safes or forgotten ones. We ensure that you do not worry about losing your keys and keycards now.

If yes, then A1 Singapore Locksmith is your place to get the work on time. The teamed skilled technicians will, quickly and effectively, open or repair your residential or commercial use safe.

However, we are available by the clock to provide our service for the protection of precious items such as cash, documents, and ornaments. We are reachable through email, call, and SMS throughout the year.


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